Surge of Education News Sites Begs the Question: Is More Better?

For two centuries, until the early 90’s, Encyclopedia Britannica was a prime resource for information and learning. The thick hardback books epitomized what it means to be “offline,” and search engine optimization was limited to alphabetizing words and phrases by syllable. Then everything changed. Computers introduced online-assisted research sites like LexisNexis and the web gifted […]

How PR is a Lot Like Teaching


Six-year-olds hold a special kind of terror and wonder for me. I spent two years in one of the most impoverished areas of the United States with 26 first-graders snug in their mismatched desks. A dusty classroom with broken blinds was my home well beyond the eight-hour school day; on the weekends, the red pen—or […]

Upping the Career Game in Sochi


My daughter just spent eight days in Sochi, Russia. No, she’s not an Olympic athlete. She’s a journalism/public relations major at Ball State University who just finished a once in a lifetime opportunity as part of this international event. She traveled to Sochi as part of BSU at the Games – @bsuatthegames – a group of […]

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