Tips on Winning with the Instagram Algorithm

From Instagram Stories to posts and highlights, you can use the social media platform to help tell your clients’ stories and engage with target audiences. To successfully incorporate Instagram into your next communications plan, here are a few tips on the ever-changing algorithm, the optimal times to post and a few other tricks. Posting Time […]

Let’s Talk

Direct Engagement

PR consultants spend a lot of time with their clients working on ways to “deliver the message.” This phrase implies a one-way form of communication. What happens if the audience does not wish to receive the message? Even if the message is received, how do we know if the audience is convinced, inspired or motivated […]

The ABCs of PR

vintage wood alphabet set

Teachers often say that the “light bulb moment” — the minute when you just know a student finally gets it — is one of the largest reasons for why they teach. It makes the hard work worthwhile. As a former teacher, many of my student’s earliest struggles were tied to reading. But when I saw a […]

Process Matters

Strategic Planning

Stanton Communications has enjoyed wonderful new business success in recent weeks. With each new client engagement, we take time to assess why we were chosen, what factors or attributes made a favorable impact on the decision makers, and what we might learn that would help us do even better the next time. Lately, we find […]

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