Live Streaming Ups the Ante on Political Theater

Live Streaming House of Representatives Gun Control Sit-in

Politicians love to grab a headline and feed off a controversy and nothing encapsulates this better than the time-honored tradition of the political stunt. For better or for worse, there is nothing quite like a good stunt to make the world stop for a moment and turn your direction. That’s exactly what happened earlier this […]

A Closer Look at a Congressional Confessional

It’s not every day you get a confessional from a Member of Congress on the sorry state of American government. That’s why I was surprised to read “Confessions of a Congressman” on Vox this week. Honestly, nothing in the confessional really shocked me. After spending a decade on the Hill in the personal offices of […]

Help Wanted – Apply Now on Capitol Hill

We hear it every day. Americans have had it with Congress. They hate the gridlock, hate the partisanship and hate the feeling that nothing is getting done. A recent Gallup poll of voter sentiment showed an abysmal 18% approval rating for Congress, nearly the lowest in history. So it came as a surprise when one […]

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