Get Social This Halloween With These 5 PR-Related Costumes

Are you ready for a holiday re“treat” this Halloween? We sure are, because ‘tis the season to be jolly-ranchered! If there’s anything public relations experts specialize in, it’s creativity and media. That’s why we bring you five creative Halloween costume ideas that are sure to keep you sociable and kooky (and spooky, if you choose […]

Rethinking My Daily News Read

The fast-changing news media landscape is making me dizzy. I thought I was doing enough by reading three papers: the New York Times, the Washington Post (my hometown paper) and the Wall Street Journal. But more and more, it feels like it’s not enough, which is particularly troubling for someone like me who grew up […]

Why Newspapers Still Matter


Get an updated take on this topic from President Lori Russo here.  In our industry, we hear a great deal these days about “content.” We are told constantly that we all must “generate content.” But in an age where being published is something anyone can achieve, and information is available from countless sources, content is becoming […]

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