Valuable Insights for Your Next Big Tech Event

Reporter interview virtual reality ces

As a tech enthusiast, I cannot imagine a better way to spend the first full week of the New Year than at CES 2017. Not only is technology a passion of mine, but it’s also part of my job. This is the second year I have attended CES on behalf of a longtime Stanton Communications […]

A Return to Regular Order Means New Opportunities for Communicators

Speaker Ryan (left) shakes hands as he ascends to office following the retirement of Speaker John Boehner (right).

The House of Representatives is under new management and its newly elected Speaker, Paul Ryan, has pledged a return to regular order. But what does that mean? It’s been so long since the House adhered to its standing rules and policies that many of my colleagues in Washington haven’t actually seen a Congress operate as […]

Tips for Executing a Successful Event

Sprint Yankee event

Last week, the Stanton Communications team had the privilege of supporting a large scale media event for our client Sprint. On April 29, the CEOs from Sprint, Spotify, Harman Kardon and HTC gathered in New York City, along with top tier media, industry partners, analysts and a number of high-level guests, to kick off Sprint’s new […]

Steps for 4th Quarter Planning

It’s that time of year when corporate communicators get serious about year ahead planning.  It’s a regular routine and an utmost priority both for firms and in-house communication teams. Yet, while much is written on strategy and planning, for many the process remains daunting and difficult. It doesn’t have to be. With the right focus […]

Going the Distance with Social Media

I have always been impressed by marathon runners. To be successful they prepare for months on end and consider everything from their diet to their attire. The dedication and discipline to focus on a goal beyond the immediate horizon are traits that many people do not possess. The satisfaction of the short sprint is enough. […]


Public relations professionals often speak about crisis communication, but when a real crisis strikes, we all have a tendency to act on impulse. Strategy is something that happens on the fly. Decisions are made as conditions dictate. Surprisingly, this works reasonably well most of the time, but clearly it is not a sound or prudent […]

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