Crisis Communication Begins with Core Principles

It seems the world is in turmoil and each day brings a new horror to the front page. Of interest to our profession is the way each new horror seems to prompt a discussion of communication process and protocol. Comments in PR LinkedIn groups have covered whether Malaysia Airlines is salvageable as a brand; whether […]

The Choppy Seas of Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Quick – Name a company long considered a pioneer and one of the world’s most innovative organizations in its industry. Hint – it’s not a technology service provider, social media giant or electronic device manufacturer. In fact, the company in question is Carnival Cruise Lines. Yes, the same Carnival Cruise Lines plagued with operational failures, […]

Want More Facebook Likes? Be Careful What You Wish For

The prevalence of social media in today’s marketplace is undeniable.  Nearly all the media we consume and every product we use on a daily basis has at least some social media component tied to it. Whether through QR codes on products, or share links on news stories, the grip of social media is inescapable; and […]

What’s Your Online Reputation?

How often do you Google yourself? How about your company, or even the leaders of your business? Are you receiving daily updates about what’s being posted about you online? It isn’t vain to want to know what’s posted about you online. In fact, it’s imperative to know what people see when they type your name […]

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