Meet Melissa: Why Hospitality is Key to Hosting an Influencer

Growing up in an off-the-boat Sicilian household was my first ever lesson in the importance of hospitality and how to authentically execute it. Nothing would prepare me for my future career more than when family would visit America from the old country. I would watch as my parents and grandparents meticulously plan food menus, activities […]

Tips for Traveling PR Pros

I recently traveled to scorching deserts and dazzling cities in the UAE and Qatar to capture compelling videos for an international client campaign. The trip took place over the course of ten days (not counting the days needed for air travel) and included location scouting, six interviews and broll for the production of these testimonial […]

The Good News about Google’s Acquisition of Frommer’s

On Monday, Google announced it had purchased Frommer’s, the reputable travel-guide business, from John Wiley & Sons for roughly $23 million—but, as the Wall Street Journal reports, “the deal is more significant for its strategy than its price tag.”  As the author of two Frommer’s travel guidebooks, I too found the strategy compelling. For years, […]

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