SEO: 4 Tips to Improve Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) infographic

Did you know search engine optimization (SEO) is the #1 traffic driver to content sites, outpacing social media by more than 300 percent? There is no question that a site’s SEO is more important than ever, and understanding what makes it “tick” is just as critical for today’s PR practitioners. There’s a lot of buzz about […]

4 Key Aspects of Responsive Design

In this day and age, one thing has become clear: mobile is taking over Internet surfing. Research from the Pew Internet Project shows that the majority of adult cell phone owners use their devices to go online, and many access the Internet primarily using their cell phones rather than a desktop or a laptop computer. […]

How to Plan a Stellar Campaign Website

word cloud on an iPad (so, web design, website, internet)

Over the past week, my fellow team members and I were tasked with sketching out a plan for a campaign microsite aimed at young people and their parents. We began the process  in a fairly standard way: closely considering the organization’s detailed strategic communications plan to make sure our thinking was aligned with their business […]

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