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Strategy Room Lunch Break

Strategy Room Lunch Break

I have a bit of a reputation at Stanton Communications for being “the clipper,” a.k.a. the colleague that sends everyone articles on clients, their personal interests and the occasional “22 Corgis Who Can’t Get Up the Stairs” pictorial to brighten their day.

It began early in life. Really early. From the time I was an infant, my grandfather read me the newspaper almost every day and after a few years, the habit of reading the news stuck. I brought clippings to my teachers, my friends, and as for Pop, he was still cutting out articles and mailing them to me in college.

My colleagues asked me to turn my love of news into a new feature for the Strategy Room—The Lunch Break. Designed to be the quick reads you can tackle between bites, The Lunch Break will curate can’t-miss articles on communications news, trends and more.

Fashion Week Front Rows Go Celebrity-Free

New York Fashion Week kicked off last Friday, but something is different in the tents this year. The New York Times reported on a decline of celebrities littering the front rows of designer shows. Some insiders cite slashed budgets to bring in big names, and that celebrity appearances are just not moving the needle on their sales. However, legendary fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone has another theory: “People can tell it’s a paid front row.” Something to ponder when considering a celebrity appearance at your next event.

Be My Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day, one of the most marketable holidays in the year (much to the chagrin of some). But how did we get from Saint Valentine to candy hearts that say “Bae”? Hubspot has a great primer on the history of Valentine’s Day marketing. My biggest takeaway? Conversation hearts were first introduced in 1866!

Spoiler Alert!

Last night ABC and the producers of The Bachelor announced the series was casting its first African American Bachelorette after 21 seasons. While the announcement made a big splash, it also spoiled the last few episodes of the current series by naming Rachel Lindsay, current competitor for the heart of Nick Viall, as the new Bachelorette. Looks like the risk paid off for ABC, as Rachel is off on the media circuit promoting the announcement.

Twitter Attacks: How Should Brands Respond?

As our new President turns to Twitter to share opinions on everything from policy to late night TV to business decisions, some brands have found themselves suddenly under fire. But what’s the best way to respond when your brand is under fire on Twitter? At PR News, experts share different takes.

Let’s Get Together

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to love your work colleagues! With offices in D.C., Baltimore and New York City, you don’t have to tell us how important it is to prioritize collaboration with your team. Convince & Convert shares insights into how they keep their full team in sync across 10 states and 3 countries.

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