Thanksgiving, Holiday Sales, and the Power of Email Marketing

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites  

It’s been a whirlwind of a month and it’s only November 10! We hope you are taking your much-needed afternoon break to catch up on the latest news. Here are some of the headlines we are talking about this week. 

Saving Thanksgiving  

The pandemic has brutally disrupted annual holiday celebrations throughout the year, and it looks like Thanksgiving will be no exception. Every marketing, public relations and communications professional has been working hard to pivot and think outside the box. In our opinion, no one has had to work harder than those in the travel and destination industries.  

A great example of unique offerings this holiday is Wyndham Destinations, Wyndham’s timeshare company. In an attempt to save Thanksgiving, they’ve created the Quar-nucopia Package,”  a 15-night stay offering aimed at reuniting extended families and creating a “resort bubble” within the property. 

Theoretically, families would move into separate properties and quarantine for two weeks (per guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) before reuniting on Thanksgiving. While not exactly as simple as a rapid Covid-19 test at the airport, it is one of the more creative packages to come out of the pandemic. 

Holiday Sales Amid the Pandemic  

Recently, CNBC highlighted 6 ways that small businesses can boost holiday sales in 2020 amid the pandemic. Nearly seven in 10 small businesses see the winter holiday season as a top sales opportunity for their business, according to The Visa Back to Business Study – Holiday Edition. 

The number one tip from the article is to “think digital.” As Americans have moved much of their lives online in 2020, marketers who want to reach them must go online to meet them there. For retailers, that means having the capability to sell online, where sales could grow 30% this year, according to Salesforce. 

CNBC also shares the following tips to boost sales: talk about safety, prepare to pivot (again), celebrate your workers, don’t forget about self-care, and lean into your role as a small business.  

Email Marketing is Still Hot   

AWeber recently released its2020 Small Business Marketing Email Marketing Statistics Report, featuring insights from small business owners and industry experts. 

Email marketing still promises to deliver the highest ROI of all marketing channels—$42 back for every dollar you spend. 

 While email marketing can boast its effective ROI, not all small businesses are using it. According to the report, only 66% of businesses surveyed say they use email marketing to “promote their businesses or communicate with leads and/or customers.” If you are not among that percentage, it’s time (past time, actually) to incorporate email into your marketing strategy.  

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