The 2019 PR Trends We’re All Still Talking About

As we begin to roll into the end of spring and early summer months, our team has been reflecting on all the 2019 industry predictions that were made earlier this year. While some have certainly been true, like the growing popularity of influencer marketing; others have been a bit slower to come to fruition.

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Storytelling Will Never Die 

With shorter attention spans and the need for immediate information, it would seem that the longer-form, in-depth stories have lost their edge. However, developing compelling and persuasive narratives is more important now than ever before, especially when there are so many new content platforms and formats to play in. And PR remains to be a storytelling business.

It’s the PR professionals’ job to help pair the right stories with the right formats to produce successful results for all involved.

Everyone is Paying Close Attention to Ethics 

Just a few years ago, both The Washington Post and The New York Times unveiled new slogans to combat the “fake news” frenzy that continues to swirl around in 2019. The Post adopted “Democracy Dies in Darkness” while The Times went with “The truth is more important now than ever.”

This trend in journalism, coupled with consumers’ increasing expectation for brands to behave ethically, means that there has certainly been more attention placed on ethics in the PR industry. Everyone is brushing up on codes and constantly analyzing case studies to stay on top of best practices.

PR Professionals will Forever be the Ultimate Multitaskers 

The lines continue to blur between public relations, marketing and advertising.

Today’s PR professionals have become brand ambassadors, content developers, digital marketing gurus, social media experts and trend spotters – with zero intention of slowing down. For the past several years, we’ve seen PR firms rebrand into integrated agencies, offering services beyond traditional PR, which has remained a steady trend in early 2019.

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