The Power of Brands on Election Day

The Power of Brands on Election Day

The Power of Brands on Election Day


Happy Election Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. On this rainy Tuesday, the Stanton team went out to exercise our right to vote and are celebrating by treating ourselves to leftover Halloween candy.

The midterm elections are happening today, and we’ve pulled the top news for PR pros with a focus on Election Day.

Election Take Over

Brands have literally plastered their messages across the nation encouraging Americans to cast their vote on Election Day. Billboards, walls, subway stations and sidewalks across America now hold visual representations conveying the importance of voting. From photos of mock ballots and dating puns to murals of candidates painted as superheroes, brands are using their power to encourage every citizen to vote.

Election Day Holiday

Blue Point Brewing Company started a petition to Congress to establish Election Day as a federal holiday. The company noted that nearly 60 percent of eligible voters cited work or school-related conflicts as the reason they did not cast a ballot in the last midterm elections. Blue Point even made beer cans with Voters’ Day Off slogans to gain support, which it plans on delivering along with the petition in Washington D.C. today.

Make Time to Vote

Blue Point isn’t the only brand speaking up on Election Day. CEOs from companies across the nation are joining a nonpartisan effort to give their employees time off to vote. Southwest Airlines, Allbirds, Walmart, Sweetgreen and many more companies are working to increase voter participation.


Brands aren’t just encouraging citizens to vote, they are picking them up and driving them to the polls. New Balance teamed up with Betches, an online lifestyle outlet, in an effort to engage young female voters and is driving New York City residents to polling stations. #RunToThePolls has a branded double-decker party bus to transport people to the polls and drop them off at NYC hotspots on Election Day.

Election Day Freebies

Voter turnout is not typically great for a midterm election, so some brands are offering free food to those with “I Voted” stickers! While there have been questions about the legality of this, most brands find a way around this by offering perks to anyone who asks for them, not just customers with a sticker from a polling station. Interested? Here’s where to eat on Election Day.

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