The Power of Listening: A Key to Success in Public Relations

As public relations professionals, our business is communication. While effective communication consists of sharing a message, it also requires active listening. Our founder and CEO Peter Stanton recently contributed an article in the May issue of O’Dwyer’s. The piece explores the importance of listening for public relations professionals to execute successful campaigns. 

As a psychology major, Peter learned that listening is an essential element in delivering positive and impactful counsel. Similarly, careful listening can create a solid foundation for media and client relations by establishing trust and understanding through interpersonal one-on-one conversation. Engaging in personal dialogue can lead to developing an effective public relations strategy.  

“The words and the act of communication have so much power, so much potential, so much importance in a world where seemingly we have lost the ability to engage with one another,” Peter said. “If we can demonstrate a serious commitment to listening, perhaps we can increase the opportunity for reasoned dialogue and productive discussion.” 

In his article, Peter shares how emotions expressed in interpersonal dialogue can influence strategic thinking for public relations professionals to deliver successful communication. And it all starts with the simple act of listening with intention and sincerity. 

Read Peter’s entire article, “Too Busy to Listen? You May be Too Busy to Succeed,” in O’Dwyer’s here. 

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