The #VansChallenge, St. Patrick’s Day, Online Newsrooms and more


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers!

The beginning of March is bringing in frigid temperatures and we’re beginning to question if the groundhog actually did see its shadow. In this week’s edition, we explain how Vans got linked to the latest viral video challenge, St. Patrick’s Day marketing tips, the importance of a well-structured online newsroom and updated ways to communicate.

Viral Vans

The latest viral video challenge involves people tossing their Vans sneakers on the floor. It started over the weekend when one person uploaded a video on Twitter and claimed that Vans will always land right side up. The video has been retweeted nearly 50,000 times and others have posted their own proof with the hashtag #VansChallenge. We’re refreshing Vans’ social media accounts to see if the iconic shoe brand will get it on the action.

Pitch Me, I’m Irish

Is your brand gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day with Guinness and all things green? Don’t make a faux pas and include a reference to the wrong holiday, or use a clover instead of a shamrock. If you want your campaign to be more authentic, Cision has you covered with six St. Patrick’s Day marketing tips.

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Best Practices For Online Newsrooms

Savvy PR professionals understand the importance of making it easier for reporters to cover the story. That strategy extends to tidying up your organization’s online newsroom. Nothing can be more frustrating for journalists on deadline than having to wade through outdated information or get stuck in an endless loop trying to find your company’s updated public relations contact. Do yourself a favor and make sure your online newsroom isn’t a media relations nightmare.

Pitch Perfect

When it comes to pitching, do you find yourself using the same format because it was passed down to you from professors, co-workers and bosses? Media relations guru Michael Smart has a great analogy for why communicators should break certain outdated habits – such as introducing yourself first via e-mail – and update their approach.




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