Trends to Watch at CES 2016

Stanton at CES. January 6-9 2016

Stanton at CES. January 6-9 2016

Over the past few years, Stanton Communications has supported a number of clients at the Consumer Electronics Show® in Las Vegas, and this year is no different. Our professionals will be attending the event to help several organizations get out their message to the media and attendees of the show. What is different this year, however, is our coverage of CES on this blog. While in Las Vegas, our team will be publishing daily dispatches on the most important trends and developments at CES. To kick-off our coverage, we’ve identified top trends we’ll be watching this year:

Connected Everything

Last year’s CES showcased some truly promising technology as part of the Internet of Things, and we expect connected devices to remain a focal point at the show. We are living in the age of the new Internet and the growing demand for connected devices will require a fundamental change in the way we communicate on a structural level. Nothing quite puts a point on this shift as the recent exhaustion of IPv4 address resources and the pressing need for content developers, consumer device manufacturers, and even PR agencies like Stanton Communications to make the move to IPv6.

If you haven’t been paying attention to IPv4 exhaustion, it’s time to start doing so. In September, the American Registry for Internet Numbers announced that its last free pool of IPv4 addresses had reached exhaustion. The rapid evolution of the Internet and the demand for phones, computers, and everything else requiring an IP address finally caught up with the 4.3 billion addresses contained in the IPv4 address standard. Companies like Comcast, Verizon Wireless, Apple and Facebook that saw this change have been making investments in IPv6 for years and it’s time for everyone else to catch up. IPv6 isn’t a feature set for a new product anymore. It’s a requirement, and any company ignoring this fact risks losing customers.

What we’ll be watching: CES panel on IPv6: “Your Customers are on the New Internet – Are You?” on Tuesday January 5th at 11:30am.

CES - ARIN Get6. Your Costumers are on the new internet. Are you?

Smart Cars and Accessories

Over the past few years, automotive companies have taken over the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center to make CES one of the best auto shows in the country. This year’s show is no exception and will feature more than 115 automotive technology companies and nine automakers covering over 200,000 net square feet of exhibit space. With this much real estate at CES, there is no question that the importance of innovation in the automotive sector remains a driving force.

What we’ll be watching:

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto may be household names, but we’re interested in what companies like Visteon, Delphi, Denso and Magna International have in store for connected cars in 2016.

Car Dashboard

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been something that we’ve been promised for decades and this year’s CES could be known for the moment VR moved from the testing lab into the mainstream. The part of VR that is often overlooked is the sound, and at CES we expect to see developments in audio quality within the VR space. Fraunhofer IIS Audio & Multimedia Division will showcase its immersive MPEG-H 3D Audio technology on the Samsung Gear VR, demonstrating the drastic improvement in users VR experience with immersive audio.

What we’ll be watching: Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR move to market. HTC’s Vive reveal.

CES - Women playing Virtual Reality game


The Future of Television Audio

A new audio standard for broadcast distribution is under consideration that will deliver immersive and interactive sound to audiences. The new system that is selected will provide better overall sound quality and interactive features that will improve consumers’ media experience. We expect to see demonstrations of the future audio benefits for consumers including: selecting a preferred language, adjusting the sound mix, and universal delivery to tailor the playback of sound on a range of devices.

What we’ll be watching: Experiencing the new features and benefits for television audio of the future, including demonstrations of MPEG-H Audio supported by the MPEG-H Audio Alliance.


Love them or hate them, drones are here to stay. The 2016 CES will showcase UAV technologies from a number of companies at the Unmanned Systems Marketplace in South Hall. We expect to see cutting-edge developments in drone technology as well as an explanation in drone regulation and policy during numerous panel sessions.

Our team will be on the ground at CES providing daily updates on breaking news and must see technologies throughout the week. Stay tuned to the Strategy Room for constant coverage of the 2016 CES.

CES-Drone flying

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