Webinar: Secrets to Managing Successful Events

Peter Stanton Events

Peter Stanton Events

From Papal Visits to Product Launches with Peter Stanton

Bulldog Reporter, a longstanding leader in public relations news, hosted a webinar with Stanton Communications’ CEO Peter Stanton last week.

In the webinar, Peter shared his experience from past events (including the 2015 New York Papal Visit and organizing the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, among others) to share insights about what it takes to organize a successful top-tier event as a communications professional. From detailed plans developed out of site advances to walking media members to the bathroom at the Papal Visit, and everything in between, Peter’s philosophy is clear: It all comes back to maintaining flexibility, the ability to think on your feet, and having faith in your teammates to do the same.

Did you miss the webinar? Don’t worry—Bulldog Reporter recorded the session for you. Watch the  Peter’s full presentation below.

What you’ll learn:

• Finding the right balance between structure and flexibility
• Techniques for managing dialogue among various stakeholders
• Navigating non-communication priorities including security protocols
• Energizing your team with the right attitude

From Papal Visits to Product Launches: Secrets to Managing Successful Events

If you are a PR pro and don’t already participate in Bulldog’s monthly free webinar series, you should! It’s a fantastic resource from some of the industry’s finest. Peter was humbled to share his expertise on special events and excited to engage with leaders in the community.

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