What It Means to Be Elite

PRNews named Stanton Communications a PRNews Agency Elite 100 agency for the fourth consecutive year. Each year, PRNews honors the most innovative public relations and communications agencies in the industry, naming Stanton Communications among the best of the best. We take great pride in this recognition, not only because of the esteem and high quality represented by the agencies on this list, but also because we take the term “Elite” to mean a great deal. We aspire to meet this high standard in all we do.  

For over three decades, Stanton has been an agency built on the foundation of putting our clients first. Our independence compels us to deliver excellent work that facilitates communication that helps clients achieve their business objectives.  

Our company culture is built on our core principles of Care, Openness, Responsibility and Relationships (our “CORR” values). We live these values daily through our values of independence, excellence, integrity and respect. This helps us deliver superior service to our clients, some of whom have been our partners for decades. 

Led by these values and attributes, our team strives to deliver unforgettable work to all our clients. We endeavor to help our clients create a positive impact for their stakeholders. Often, we enlist our global partner firms and international brands to achieve important and valuable outcomes. 

In addition to our commitment to producing memorable work for our clients, we also take pride in bringing an elite mentality to the culture we cultivate within the firm, and how we work together as a team. We foster a genuinely collaborative and supportive workplace that is unique in the fast-paced, competitive environment of the public relations industry, and believe that this attitude empowers us all to bring our best to the work we do together.  

At Stanton, we strive to maintain our elite status as a firm that cares about all people and dedicates itself to being among the best in our industry. We cannot control what rankings or lists we are fortunate enough to join, but we can—and do—commit to always deliver an elite level of strategic thinking and care in all we do.  

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