Why Print Magazines Still Matter

The digital age has certainly transformed the media landscape, producing more news than ever before that’s readily available and engaging. However, it’s important for public relations professionals to remember that traditional media is still a key player when it comes to valuable coverage.

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Multi-Dimensional and Generational Consumption

Print magazines have a prominent voice in today’s media landscape.

There is a significant amount of news that’s consumed through “legacy” outlets, or media that has built public trust over the years and maintain a proven track record, especially for baby boomers, a generation that relied heavily on this medium, as well as audiences worldwide.

Print publications have adapted and understand that having a digital presence is imperative, so they’re making sure their content is available through various digital platforms, including websites, mobile sites and social media. They are providing multi-dimensional consumption to keep up with the times and connect to today’s consumer, while still continuing to produce print copies of their publications.

Digital Pathways to New Print Opportunities

Although it’s the established names in print who continue to take the lead in news consumption, digital has also opened the doors for people to create new publications around niche topics with more freedom for creativity and an ability to test the waters. These entrepreneurs understand that print produces meaningful and more in-depth coverage that reaches audiences in a more focused way, but are using digital resources that provide the tools needed to create a publication and promote it successfully, as well as access target audiences.

The Numbers

According to Statisa.com, “The most common category of new magazine is ”special interests”, which illustrates that there is still a thriving market for small, niche topic magazines. Another positive feature to note is that the number of magazine readers in the country has actually been on the rise, with the number increasing from 210.7 million in 2012 to 225 million as of 2017.”

According to a BBC and The Washington Post, women’s print magazines related to celebrity gossip and the like are declining.

However, there is a rise in print purchasing when it comes to current affairs. Consumers are looking for trusted sources with an authoritative voice, and a more in-depth look at important issues.

Although the print landscape is changing, it is still a very prominent source of news and a medium public relations professionals shouldn’t ignore.

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