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Snapchat Uses Facebook Algorithm, 2018 Influencer Trends, AI, Smart Devices And More

By: Sonia Abdulbaki

Snapchat Uses Facebook Algorithm, 2018 Influencer Trends, AI, Smart Devices And More


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. ’Tis the season for colorful lights and consumer delights. Here at Stanton, we’re preparing to wrap-up the year with recaps and 2018 planning, with only a small stash of Halloween candy left. In this week’s edition, we bring you Snapchat updates, influencer marketing insights, AI and marketing with smart devices, comedy and music.

Oh Snap, A Copycat

Snapchat was a features trendsetter for years, until now. Pressure from investors and flatlining growth has lead Snapchat to redesign. Now, friends’ posts are separate from the “Discover” content, and a Facebook algorithm allows user-related content to control the order of newsfeed posts.

Social Influence

Broadcast media is on a decline while the influence of social media personalities continues to rise, proving the personal touch to be the most effective form of advertising. Find out what social stars are saying about 2018 influencer trends here.

A Look at the Future

Don’t let dystopian sci-fi movies get to your head. AI is estimated to take 1.8 million jobs away but give back 2.3 million new ones. The good news in this technological evolution is that repetitive work will dissipate and creative and emotionally intelligent jobs will rise.

Smart Phones, Smart Marketing

It’s a smart move to use smartphones in marketing. New marketing trends include leveraging technology as an invisible enabler by targeting physical and sensory experiences. Learn more about ways to engage with our smartphones here.

Listen, Laugh, Learn

BarkBox and Shell got the memo about making it personal. BarkBox’s social media team created funny videos and memes to inspire an emotional connection between customers and their dogs. Shell did a music video campaign with five international music artists to represent the clean energy initiative. #makethefuture.

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