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The Strategy Room

Month: April 2014

How to Plan a Stellar Campaign Website

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Over the past week, my fellow team members and I were tasked with sketching out a plan for a campaign microsite aimed at young people and their parents. We began the process  in a fairly standard way: closely considering the organization’s detailed strategic communications plan to make sure our thinking was aligned with their business […]

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Ways to Get More Bang from Your Content

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Content marketing can get daunting quickly—no matter what resources you have, you can never be everywhere all the time. And when it comes to content marketing, the more content you can put out the better, right? The truth is, quality is more important than quantity, and should take priority. But a bigger reach is still […]

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Process Matters

Strategic Planning

Stanton Communications has enjoyed wonderful new business success in recent weeks. With each new client engagement, we take time to assess why we were chosen, what factors or attributes made a favorable impact on the decision makers, and what we might learn that would help us do even better the next time. Lately, we find […]

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When Your Audience is Your Own Organization

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Much of what we do in public relations is media relations. Even in this age of direct audience interaction through social media, and despite continually shrinking newsrooms and declining dependence on traditional news sources, many of our clients still want us to develop relationships with journalists and achieve positioning for their brands through earned media […]

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