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The Strategy Room

Month: August 2014

Four Other Must-Have Relationships in PR

I recently had the pleasure of contributing to a Bulldog webinar panel on the art of building relationships with the media. The speaker line-up was diverse and included a Wall Street Journal bureau chief, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and a few other flacks like me. Each speaker’s approach to building relationships varies. Some prefer […]

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Top Five Time Lapse Videos (Inspired by Hyperlapse)

In honor of Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app, we collected a few of our favorite time lapse videos (before the social site’s 200 million monthly active users start cranking them out). In no particular order… The Pulse of New York City When FourSquare used its check-in data to track the pulses of a few major cities, […]

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The #IceBucketChallenge: Four PR Ingredients to this Viral Campaign

When Pete Frates, my family friend and the original organizer of the Ice Bucket Challenge, was diagnosed with ALS in 2012, he told his family: “This is an opportunity for us to make a difference.”  Pete was only 27-years-old then, and diagnosed with a terminal disease, he called it “an opportunity.” Today Pete can no […]

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Communication During a Crisis: Words Matter

To say the crisis unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri is one of communication would be a stunning oversimplification. Yet there is no escaping the fundamental truth that the methods and words used to communicate about the tragedy are direct contributors to the unrelenting trauma. From the moment of initial contact between the police officer and the […]

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Common Spokesperson Struggles

Over the past few days, I have had the privilege of working closely with one of our clients to prepare for an on-camera interview with a major broadcast news outlet.  A spokesperson with no previous on-camera experience, she was an open and attentive student of our media training program, eager to learn and put into […]

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Questions We Never Stop Asking


Over the past month, Stanton Communications had the pleasure of commemorating our 25th anniversary. Friends, current and former associates, clients, and partners all helped inject nostalgia, laughter and pride into this milestone celebration.  For that, we are most grateful. Personally, I have been with the firm for only a fraction of this time, but what […]

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Misconceptions from a Former Public Relations Outsider


There are no courses in college that can teach what it really means to work in public relations; it’s a mystery until you get out there and experience it on your own. I knew that landing an internship would be the best way to get a taste of what the professional PR world was like […]

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