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The Strategy Room

Month: March 2017

The ‘London Bridge is Down’ Crisis Plan, Chatbots Hit SXSW and Puppies!

Lunch Break March 28

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites Hi Lunch Breakers! It’s finally spring on the East Coast. The cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., felt confident enough in the forecast to come out of hiding, hitting peak bloom this past weekend. Here’s our forecast for today’s read—The Guardian gets a detailed […]

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What the New LinkedIn Profile Filters Say about Its Future

3 Hints at LinkedIn's Future

Last week, LinkedIn introduced new features to edit and modify profile pictures. Some of these were pretty standard, like the ability to clip a photo, and additional ways to give users more control over how their image presents from the profile page. But the feature getting the most buzz is the introduction of photo filters—a […]

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Walking & Talking Your Brand, Two Congressmen Facebook Live a Road Trip, and More

Lunch Break March 21

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! Stanton Communications just relaunched our monthly newsletter, INK, rounding up the best of The Strategy Room and Stanton news every month. You can subscribe here. What’s on deck for lunch today? Two Congressmen may have revived Facebook Live as an outreach tool, a […]

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The Life Span of a Tweet

Life Span of a Tweet

Why Fast Isn’t Fast Enough in a Crisis & Why McDonald’s will be Just Fine Social media pros cringed as news broke this morning of McDonald’s troll-ish tweet at President Trump this morning. In later news updates, both McDonalds and Twitter were lauded for their quick action—Twitter notified McDonald’s the account had been breached, and […]

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The Most Powerful PR Phrase, Public Apologies and Instagram Invades

Lunch Break: March 14

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites Hi Lunch Breakers! Have you made your NCAA Tournament Bracket yet? Over the last few years, analysts have tracked the admissions bump teams get after the tournament, with the bump most felt for the “Cinderella” schools. Here’s hoping my West Virginia Mountaineers make it out of the […]

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Snapchat, Emojis and Harnessing the Power of Visuals

Power of Visuals: Snapchat, Emojis

3 Ways to Harness Snap’s Image-Dominant Future If you watched Arrival—the sci-fi film with Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and squid-like aliens called heptapods—you may have noticed the story hinged on visual communication. The aliens bet their future on the power of visuals and—spoiler alert—it pays off. Similar to those hopeful heptapods, humans have long tried […]

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Social Media Amplifies an Oscar Oops, Marketers Try VR & More PR News

Lunch Break: VR

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites Happy Tuesday, which just happens to be my two-year wedding anniversary. The traditional two-year gift is cotton and the modern gift is china, neither of which I got for my spouse this year. In this week’s PR news, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is still recovering from their terrible, horrible, […]

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Content Marketing: Where to Start

Content Marketing: Where to Start

Content marketing is now recognized as a staple—and even a driving force—for a strong online brand presence. As demand for content marketing expands, the industry continues to evolve and mature. You likely already know the impact content marketing can have, but if your company is just starting to build its presence, where do you start? In a recent post, SnapWryt […]

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Webinar: Secrets to Managing Successful Events

Peter Stanton Events

From Papal Visits to Product Launches with Peter Stanton Bulldog Reporter, a longstanding leader in public relations news, hosted a webinar with Stanton Communications’ CEO Peter Stanton last week. In the webinar, Peter shared his experience from past events (including the 2015 New York Papal Visit and organizing the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, […]

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