4 Trends That Will Shape Your PR Strategy in 2019

4 Trends That Will Shape Your PR Strategy in 2019

4 Trends That Will Shape Your PR Strategy in 2019

The world of PR is constantly evolving. With new technology, AI and tools available, creatives will find new ways to generate compelling content, amplify their voices and build brand loyalty with their target audience. As we close out the year, there are four major trends to be aware of in 2019.


For an effective PR strategy, building a positive reputation should be at the forefront. We learned in 2018, journalists are becoming more aggressive in their approach to questioning and social media magnifies every word, phrase or statement an executive utters to the media exponentially. Making the most of each interview opportunity requires thoughtful preparation and practice, and It is absolutely essential for executives to be prepared for interviews before they happen.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not going anywhere in 2019. We know great content can directly influence a customers decision to purchase a product or service and boosts revenue and sales for businesses.  Rather than flooding your audience with content, 2019 will place quality over quantity. Great content will provide value, be well researched and command attention.

Video & Visuals

Text alone is no longer enough. In 2019, will see even more visual content. Specifically, audiences can expect to see entertaining and educational animations, videos, voiceovers, graphics and more. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text which is why visual content consistently gets higher engagement and retention rates. Your content team should take advantage of tools to create visuals to reach your audience with content they will want to share.

Data Maturity

Data-driven insights are essential for businesses to understand their audiences and amplify brand awareness. After the flood of data that was 2018, it’s time to embrace metrics and use them to drive better results. In 2019, learn more about analytics and use them to align business goals and improve monitoring to show analytical evidence about the impact of PR.

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