Reflections on a Year of Transformation and Progress

Message from Peter Stanton

In a year marked by ongoing societal tensions compounded by the unending scourge of COVID-19, our agency took on the challenge of reassessing and renewing our vision of who we are through the development of our statement of corporate culture.  We collectively believed that, in the midst of national and global turmoil, we had the […]

Communication in the Age of Corporate Activism

Corporate social responsibility is a given for any business wishing to be recognized as committed to political or environmental causes. But it’s no longer enough for business leaders to espouse policies with respect to sustainability, diversity and gun control. Now, corporate boards and executives are expected to adopt vocal, prominent positions on an ever-expanding array […]

Corporate Social Credibility & Reputation Management in 2021

The past year brought us many pivotal events – a pandemic, social change, the election, and more. Companies and organizations everywhere used this moment to assess their reputations and determine if there is alignment between their beliefs and cultures and their statements about unfolding events. Our CEO Peter Stanton recently sat down for a discussion […]

Happy Holidays from Stanton Communications

After this unimaginably daunting year, we are grateful to have you as part of our extended family and hopeful you and your loved ones, colleagues and friends are safe.  c We also hope you will join us in giving back this holiday season with a donation to  Loyola Early Education Center  of Baltimore.  In a city […]

COVID, Communication & the Gift of Incandescent Humanity

No one ever would reflect on the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 and suggest it was a good thing in any way.  The devastation in the U.S. and globally is beyond measure, exceeding a mere tally of infections and death. It quite simply changed the world.  It also changed us.

Crisis Engagement Versus Crisis Management

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, business and management journals have been filled with articles about communication tactics during a crisis. What to say. When to say it. How to muster your team. The advice pours in from every quarter. At the risk of adding to such chatter, one idea may be worthy of […]

A Statement from Founder & CEO Peter Stanton

“I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.” Mahatma Gandhi Evil violence was perpetrated upon George Floyd.  It was appalling.  It was wrong.  And it was also, in its way, a kind of violence against all of the actions and progress […]

AmCham Germany Convenes Panel to Suggest: Don’t let a Virus Infect Your Reputation

As Covid-19 upends the normal order of corporate communication, businesses and organizations around the world face new challenges in how, when and in what manner to communicate with vital stakeholders.  That challenge and its unique dimensions for companies in Germany and the United States was the focus of a panel discussion convened by the American […]

A Message from our Founder and CEO, Peter Stanton

The world, at this moment, seems filled with danger.  Wherever we turn, the risk of exposure and illness seem immediately at hand.  So we wash our hands, swab our keyboards, wave, salute and smile from ten feet apart. For those of us at Stanton, the physical distance between us is, in fact, even greater.  We […]

Communicating Integrity

Professionals in our field often discuss “communicating with integrity.”  The term generally refers to honesty, transparency and a measure of humility.  Such characteristics are critically important in an era when cheating, fake news and hostile denigration of opposing viewpoints seem far more the norm than the exception. Equally important for professionals in our field is […]

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