Building Your Online Platform at Events

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Posting to your company’s social media frequently and putting an emphasis are excellent social media branding basics. But they don’t have to be the only way you connect with your audience. Another compelling way to grow your platform is by live tweeting from events.

At its heart, social media is about making connections, after all—what better place to make new ones than in person? When the digital interface is reinforced with a shared experience, those connections created can be all the stronger.

Here are six steps to making a digital impact at the next event your company engages in.

1. Choose the Right Event

Making the most of the opportunity does take a focused effort, so choose your events well. What’s the right event? One that fits your industry or product, attracts your target audience, and whose core values are in line with those of your brand. (Unless, of course, your brand’s aim is to disrupt—then, you want to find where you’ll clash and stir up the status quo.)

2. Plan Ahead

Before you go to the event, review the agenda and identify sessions, events, and ideas for what you want to post. Write out a wish list of people to connect with and moments to capture.

And, while you want to maintain the general sense of in-the-moment presence, it’s not crazy to schedule a few posts beforehand. Knowing you have a safety net with prescheduled content can help you relax a little while you’re on site.

3. Know Your Hashes & Tags

Whatever networks you plan to live post to, know the accounts for the key organizations,

Along with the event hashtag! Create a cheat sheet if you must—this point is absolutely crucial for reaching your exposure beyond your existing audience.

A Twitter list or other curated resource for the event can also be a smart move, offering a resource for yourself as well as other attendees.

4. Go Multi with Your Media

Social engagement increases with the use of multimedia, so be sure to shake it up. There’s no place like a live event to grab action shots and video snippets to make posts more attention-grabbing.

That said, loading up media can slow you down, so throwing in text-only updates in between the media bites can be a great way to keep the feed fresh and limber.

5. Stay Flexible

While planning is important, you’re never going to be able to anticipate everything that will occur at live event. Whether it’s an impromptu priceless moment or an upheaval to your intended schedule, just take a deep breath and go with it.

6. Have Fun

It’s easy to get your blinders up while executing a live campaign, but try to relax and have fun. You’re engaging an event after all, so don’t forget to participate in it.

Talk to other attendees and get in the spirit!  Those selfies taken on your phone may not have the same quality as the shots your pro photographer took in a studio for your official brand images, but just do your best. A few degrees of polish lost are worth compromising in this case and are well made up for in authenticity and personality.

Connections Over Follows

At its heart, social media is about making personal connections, even if it’s for a brand. There is no better way to make those connections than when you’re there in the flesh, experiencing the same things as your target audience.

So don’t miss out when the opportunities arises! Tackle them with these six tips and you’re sure to leave an impression and grow your community.

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