Coronavirus & Amazon, TSA & Tik Tok, Jif & GIF, and More


Happy Thursday, Lunch Breakers. We only have a few more snowless days of February in the DMV before Punxsutawney Phil is vindicated for his early Spring prediction.

In this week’s edition, we take a look at the Coronavirus’ effect on Amazon shopping habits, TSA running out the clock on Tik Tok, and a  Jif-GIF partnership we’ve all been waiting for.

Coronavirus Consumer Fear

The CDC warned earlier this week about a potential pandemic from the coronavirus in the United States. While the severity of the health threat remains unclear, it hasn’t stopped concerned U.S. shoppers from flocking to Amazon in preparation of an outbreak. Adweek has the eye-popping data – searches for medical masks and respirators are up 17,000% and a whopping 24 million masks have been sold. Amazon also sold out of the iconic DuPont hazmat suit for the first time since the 2018 Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

TSA’s Tik Tok Trouble

The TSA is the latest government agency to ban employee use of Tik Tok. The crackdown follows a letter from Senator Chuck Schumer to TSA officials requesting that the agency stop using the Chinese-owned app because of security concerns. A TSA spokesperson confirmed that a few employees created some videos using the popular social media app to explain the widely used PreCheck boarding program, but that it would stop.

Gif? Jif? Why Not Both?

Give me some peanut butter, because this story is my jam. Jif peanut butter has partnered with the GIF database Giphy for a limited-edition “Gif” jar. Cue another round of debates about whether or not the Graphics Interchange Format is pronounced with a hard ‘g’ like the creator of the animated picture format intended. Like Drake said, if you’re reading this, it’s too late. The special edition jars have already sold out on Amazon.

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Release: Ditch the Fluff

Looking for quick fixes to make your press releases stand out from the competition? Eliminate some of the most common and overused words and phrases to make your copy pop. has the Top 10 list you should try to avoid – including ‘service,’ ‘first,’ and ‘leading,’ along with other extraneous fluff to ditch. Think your product is the best, revolutionary or amazing? Think again.




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