An Online Easter Egg Hunt, The Redskins Fumble, Navigating Uber’s Twists

Lunch Break: April 17

Lunch Break: April 17

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites

It’s already been an eventful week following the 121st Boston Marathon and the 139th White House Easter Egg Roll. If you didn’t make it to the Presidential lawn yourself, we have a rundown on a different kind of sweet features for you to hunt—online, that is. We’re also learning two very different PR lessons from two storied sports franchises, and the ultimate refresher on Uber’s ongoing PR nightmare.

An Eggscellent Discovery

Had your fill of Peeps? Here’s a different kind of treat for you to enjoy. The Internet contains an abundance of a different kind of Easter eggs—hidden gems within websites that reward curiosity. Here are 10 of the Internet’s best Easter Eggs, including one discovered by Google users this past April Fool’s Day. Happy Hunting!

A PR Two-Minute Drill

Much has been said about the Washington Redskins’ latest PR fiasco, when the team fired its general manager last month. While the organization wouldn’t comment on the record about why he was fired, The Washington Post quoted an anonymous source who said the termination was due to ongoing problems with alcohol. PRNewsOnline uses this as example of how we can learn from The Redskins when we advise our clients in dealing with the media about delicate stories.

Loveable Losers No More

We’re just a few weeks into the start of another season of America’s Pastime and all eyes are on the Chicago Cubs to see if they can repeat their story-book success as last year’s World Series champs. Check out how the team is switching gears from Lovable Losers to embracing the one word (or letter) that eclipsed the organization for decades. As for their new marketing slogan? Well, you could say, That’s [so] Cub.

Navigating the Highway That Is Uber’s PR Nightmare

United Airlines may be on the short list for PR disaster of 2017 but only one transportation company’s reputation mismanagement has grown twisty enough to prompt The Atlantic to create a field guide to help readers navigate the scancal: Uber. The latest bit of bad news came last week when a tech company website exposed the ride-sharing company’s secret software program that tracks drivers who also work for the company’s competitor, Lyft.

Looking to Improve Your Measurement Skills?

Are you focusing on the wrong metrics when it comes to measuring success and showcasing your value to the client? offers nine mistakes you should avoid, including yet another Redskins fumble.

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