Pumpkin Spice is Back, Turf Wars for AR Space, Dump Your Analytics and More

Lunch Break October 10

Lunch Break October 10 PR News


Hello, lunch breakers. If terrifying yourself by watching It isn’t your speed, embrace the autumnal spirit with a little pumpkin spice. Personally, I just watched Mother! and have hit my freaky movie quota for the week, so make it a grande. According to Starbuck’s social media boom, I’m not the only one reaching for the PSL. More below.

Also in this week’s Lunch Break, augmented reality’s first artwork is already vandalized, how to get subscribers to open your emails, the weirdest effective productivity hacks, and Google’s advice for PR measurement.

There must be something in the lattes

Spice, to be exact. Pumpkin spice. Fifteen years after its launch and 200 million lattes later, the PSL is prompting record-breaking social engagement for Starbucks. Convince and Convert breaks down how Starbucks made it happen.

Meanwhile, haters are deeming the drink “basic.” But when your signature seasonal drink is big enough to trigger a too-cool-to-partake countermovement akin to the Twilight novels, you’re doing alright.

Putting the “AR” in “Art”

Last week, Snapchat kicked off its AR feature by placing augmented reality art in public spaces around the world, such as Central Park. It only took a week for a vandalized replica to appear in protest. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Of course, like all good artists, the source of the vandalized protest has a point: AR or not, does Snapchat have a right to place its work in public space?

Open This

It’s great to have a growing email subscriber list, but those subscribers don’t mean much unless they actually read your emails, and readers make you earn their attention every time. It all starts with the subject line.

Hubspot offered 17 great tips for killer subject lines to keep subscribers interested and reading.

Dump Your Analytics and Do This Instead

Google has a groundbreaking new suggestion for how PR pros can get more from their data—stop using so much of it.

When it comes to analytics, the company says it’s better to know your true Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) than to compile massive logs of data.

Does this mean I can finally break up with Excel?

Work Hard, or Hardly Focusing?

Today’s fun fact, courtesy of Workfront’s newly released State of Enterprise Work Report: Millennial workers have an average of 234 unopened emails in their inboxes at any given time. It’s no wonder we’re all struggling to stay productive.

Lucky for us, the report also revealed the best hacks employees are using to get things done…and some of them are pretty loopy. Like the hula hooping. Get more ideas—read the list.

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