Welcome to Hawkins, Clowns are In, a Record-Breaking Halloween Spend and More

Halloween Lunch Break

Halloween Lunch Break


Autumn came just in time to deliver a chilling Halloween. As we say in Hawkins, he likes it cold.

And the cold isn’t the only thing creeping its way from the Upside-Down this Halloween. Today’s Halloween Lunch Break is stuffed as full as a trick-or-treat bag with 2017’s holiday trends, creative campaigning, tips to face your PR data analysis fears, and your last-minute communications geek costume. You’re welcome.

Happy Halloween!

Holiday Spending Hits Boo-tacular Records

Consumers are embracing the holiday horrors, according to an annual survey by National Retail Federation and Proper Insights & Analytics, with Halloween spending up 8.3 percent in America over last year. This is due both to an increase in average spend per consumer (up to $86.13 per consumer), and also an increase in total consumers participating in the holiday across the nation (up 9 million).

The survey also found that for children and adults alike, superheroes were the most popular costume choice, with Batman and Wonder Woman earning top shoutouts.

Welcome to Hawkins

With Halloween celebrations on the rise for consumers, it’s no surprise that brands are going big, too. And no one does Halloween quite like Stranger Things.

In the buildup to season two and through launch week, the show is rewarding fandom with everything from subtle plugs for Hawkins Light & Power, to creative brand partnerships and signature products like Dustin’s 1984 Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi Clean sneaks, and a Spotify quiz that pairs you to the best character for your music tastes, along with a magnificent ‘80s playlist.

Clowns are the It Costume of 2017

When Burger King caught wind that clowns were going to be a hot costume this season (can’t imagine why), they made their move to cash in on the trend. The fast food company’s Halloween ad features a teen boy fleeing a series of clowns, starting with a particularly terrifying take on a familiar looking Mc-clown. Today, show up at a Burger King dressed as a clown and get a free burger.

Your Worst PR Nightmare

Halloween aside, nothing terrifies quite like the tight, tiny boxes of spreadsheet hell—unless it’s a client asking what it all means. Good news, Spin Sucks says public relations metrics don’t actually have to be scary. In this article, the blog breaks down a better way to measure PR.

Tip: They’re not math. They’re data. And data can actually do a communication pro’s favorite thing: tell stories.

Bonus: Remind your team just who the resident marketing geek is with these last-minute costume ideas from Hubpsot.

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