Twitter on Stephen Hawking, NCAA, Verification And More…


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! There is a lot happening this month, and plenty of exciting things to look forward to, like Women’s History Month and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

In this week’s edition, we cover Twitter activities, including its NCAA participation, #strengthhasnogender campaign, checkmark verification and tributes to Stephen Hawking.

Twitter’s Got Game

@TwitterSports is getting its game on by teaming up with the NCAA and Turner Sports to provide custom hashtag-triggered emojis. That includes emojis #MarchMadness, #BTNinNYC, #B1GTourney and #ACCTourney, among many others. The use of emojis for each NCAA related hashtag will increase the buzz around the event and enhance interaction on the platform.

Brawn & Brain

Actress Geena Davis is helping to wash away stereotypes through the #strengthhasnogender social media campaign with Brawny paper towel company. The campaign encourages people to honor their “sheroes,” and replaces the ad image of lumberjack-like men with women in honor of Women’s History Month.

Come One, Come All

Twitter says it may be bringing its suspended blue verification check mark back, but with different rules. The check mark previously confirmed celebrity, public figure and athlete profiles, and is now being extended to everyone on its platform. CEO Jack Dorsey is proceeding with caution, and will roll out expanded verification in stages, with priority to candidates running for office.

Twitter Honors Stephen Hawking

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, aged 76, passed away late last night. Hawking was a master at communicating science to the public, and made a name for himself through his theories as well as his sense of humor. His fame is evidenced by the reactions of Twitter users, including celebrities and scientists alike. Many used his memorable quotes to honor his life.

Here is one of our favorites:

“We are all now connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain.”

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