Earth Day, Better Subject Lines, Taco Bell, And More

Earth Day, Better Subject Lines, Taco Bell, And More

Earth Day, Better Subject Lines, Taco Bell, And More


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! Rain is in the forecast for D.C. and Baltimore, but we’re hoping these April showers lead to some proverbial May flowers.  

In this edition, we cover how brands celebrated Earth Day, improving e-mail subject lines, a generous response to a fast food superfan and Facebook’s latest attempt to be more transparent. 

Earth Day 

April 22 marked the 48th Earth Day, a worldwide holiday dedicated to demonstrating support for environmental protection. Here’s a look at how some brands celebrated the annual eco-conscious event, including one beer company that only sold its products through outdoor vendors as a reminder for people to get out and enjoy nature.  

Open Me! 

You can have the best e-mail pitch in the world, but it won’t matter if the reporter you’re trying to connect with doesn’t open the message. Looking for ways to make your subject line more enticing? Consider thinking like a movie producer or a news editor to grab the reader’s attention.  

More Than Taco Tuesday 

How would you spend $100,000 if you won the Jeopardy! College Championship? One contestant – who fell short of the grand prize  – said he would spend it on a lifetime supply of Taco Bell. PR Week explains how the fast food company responded with a surprise for the superfan to satisfy his craving.  

Facebook Guidelines 

Facebook has publicly revealed the guidelines of how moderators determine what is and is not allowed on the social media platform. The 25-page-long Community Standards includes rules for users to follow if they don’t want to get banned from the website. The policies also provide detailed reasons for why certain posts can be removed. 

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