The Strategy of PR Monitoring

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Over Stanton’s nearly 30 years of communication practice, we’ve learned a thing or two. From crisis communication strategies to addressing our client’s target audiences, we have found that one of the key practice that is essential to our firm’s capabilities – monitoring.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Timing is everything?”

Well, in today’s digital age, timing is critical. A successful monitoring strategy helps you make the most of the time you do have when addressing a consumer’s feedback, whether it is positive or negative.

The topic of monitoring is multi-faceted, so we’ve decided to spend each Thursday in March breaking it down for you. We will be sharing what benefits monitoring provides, how to set yourself up for success and what services can best help your monitoring efforts.

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Our very own Adam Yosim decided to “risk it for the biscuit” and earned a free pair of yoga pants. A huge Stanton shout out to @lululemonla for being on top of their monitoring strategy and engaging with their consumers!


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