Stanton Communications Expands Ownership Structure

– Key Executives Gain Equity in Move to Solidify Long-Term Leadership Roles – 

Washington, D.C. (January 26, 2022) — Stanton Communications, Inc., an international public relations firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., today announced that it reconstituted its ownership structure to include key executives and move away from sole ownership by the founder, Peter Stanton. Lori Russo, President, and Emily Wenstrom, Vice President, gain equity stakes in the company in addition to positions on the firm’s Board of Directors.  As such, they assume increased control of the future direction of the firm, building upon the international expansion, client growth and staff development that have characterized the agency in recent years.

Since founding Stanton Communications in 1989, Peter Stanton held primary ownership of the company. The new structure not only affords current executives an ownership position, it also enables others in the firm to secure equity as their tenure and rank in the agency expand.  In this way, the stability of the firm is significantly enhanced for the long-term without the disruption that inevitably arises from a sale to an outside owner.

“Owning this firm has been a source of enormous pride for me,” said Stanton in announcing this change. “Being at the career stage when most founders look for their exit strategy, my pride of ownership is instead now shared with others who have made huge contributions to the success of our company,” he stated. 

Stanton Communications has experienced considerable growth and success despite the pandemic when many other firms in the public relations industry faced daunting challenges.  Stanton launched a new trans-Atlantic agency, Joe Communications, in cooperation with partners based in Stuttgart, Germany.  It increased staff, recently hiring six new professionals.  It also took on global client mandates requiring service delivery in locations as geographically dispersed as India, the United Kingdom, Argentina and Kenya, among many others.

“This evolution in the structure of our firm and the increasingly global nature of our work is possible because of Peter’s long-term commitment and unwavering dedication to our people and our clients,” said Russo. “I’ve learned so much in my 23 years at Stanton, and I look forward to the future knowing that our foundation and our team are stronger than ever.”

“In my ten years at Stanton, the firm has always been unique in its commitment to relationships—with our clients, our team members, and our partners. It is humbling to have this opportunity to contribute to taking this legacy into the future,’ said Wenstrom. “I could not be more excited about this exceptional team and the path ahead of us.”

In announcing the ownership expansion, Stanton made clear his personal intention to keep working.  “An outside buyer would likely require me to ‘earn-out’ in a very few years.  This new structure allows me to continue my own growth, challenged by excellent younger professionals at every level.  I also believe I have more to offer, including fostering this next generation of owners of our firm.  Given that these new owners possess unique and valuable skills and experience, they ensure client confidence in our stability long-term while inspiring other staff who already look to them for leadership,” he said.

About Stanton Communications

Stanton Communications, Inc. is a diversified communications firm with multi-category expertise. The firm provides strategic communication planning, media relations, issue management, marketing communication, digital and social media services and crisis counsel and response.

Stanton’s clients include some of the world’s most notable corporations, non-profit organizations and industry associations in a range of fields including technology, industrial and consumer products. With principle offices in Washington, D.C. and New York, Stanton maintains a network of partner firms through its own joint-ventures as well as membership in global agency networks including PR World Alliance with representation in major cities throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa and the Pacific Rim and thenetworkone, with more than 2,000 agency partners worldwide.

On behalf of its clients, Stanton has won more than 50 industry awards including multiple Silver Anvils, the public relations profession’s highest honor and Gold Quill Awards of Excellence, the premier award presented by the International Association of Business Communicators.  Most recently, Stanton has been named a PRNEWS Agency Elite Top 100, an award spotlighting the nation’s most innovative and strategic public relations firms. Stanton also have been named the Best Small Agency in America by The Holmes Report, a pre-eminent communications industry journal. 

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