The Strategy of PR Monitoring: Why Monitor?

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As a first step in The Strategy of PR Monitoring series, we need to ask ourselves why monitoring is essential to PR.

Why is it critical to implement a monitoring strategy in your communication plans? There are three key benefits that should take priority. Monitoring your social media allows you to: react in real-time, engage with your consumers and measure the effectiveness of your messaging. Here’s why:

React in Real-Time

Having the ability to react in real-time is an essential benefit that monitoring provides. When the experts say, “timing is everything,” it’s as if they were talking specifically about social media monitoring. This is especially true when dealing with a crisis—every second counts (Stanton’s CEO agrees).

The longer a negative comment is left online unaddressed, the greater the chance of it spreading like wildfire. Declining to respond also gives your competitors time to edge in and win favor with your unhappy customers.

If you are able to react in real-time, you are given the best opportunity to control the conversation. Such vigilance allows you additional time to address the matter with colleagues and come up with an appropriate response, with maybe even a few seconds to spare!

Engage with your Consumers

Such intensive monitoring is only available because of the platform that social media creates, allowing consumers to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas. While this is often a cause of concern, it does provide a unique opportunity to engage with your consumers.

You’ve likely heard of the Mets fan tweeting to take prom photos at Citi Field, but there are hundreds of others following suit, like this law student pleading for Sharpie highlighters. This exchange is nothing short of genius, for both company and consumer.

When you monitor, you are able to engage with your consumers and create fun opportunities that generate awareness around your organization or brand.

Measure the Effectiveness of your Messaging

If you’ve developed core messaging points, ideally your audience will internalize these points and reflect them when communicating about your company. Monitoring gives you the ability to read the communication surrounding your company and measure the effectiveness of these points. What is resonating? What isn’t sticking? What should be emphasized? This information provides a great foundation for developing new messaging points.

If you’re monitoring effectively, you should be gaining from these three benefits. In the next few weeks, we’ll go deeper into the benefits, as well as a strategy, to set yourself up for success in your searches and the best programs to assist your monitoring efforts.

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