Meet Elaine: From Politics to PR, Qualities That Make You Marketable

Since moving to D.C., the bulk of my professional experience has revolved around Capitol Hill. From learning the art of networking and office politics to interacting with politicians and distinguished professionals, every job has been challenging and fulfilling at the same time. But, six months ago, I became a part of the PR world and […]

An Evening of Politics and Parody for a Good Cause

Working at the annual Al Smith Dinner is a little like being a guest of the fanciest and nicest family you’ll ever get to visit. The atmosphere is warm, the surroundings elegant, and the dress code over the top. Even the most devoted frump reveals an inner Carey Grant or Audrey Hepburn that is rarely […]

Media’s Narrative on Amtrak Misses the Bigger Picture

Amtrak train

It is well known that our roads, bridges ports and railways are becoming increasingly antiquated and structurally unsound. The American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2013 report card gave America’s infrastructure a D+, noting it would take an investment of $3.6 trillion by 2020 to make things right. The fact that national news outlets devote so […]

A Closer Look at a Congressional Confessional

It’s not every day you get a confessional from a Member of Congress on the sorry state of American government. That’s why I was surprised to read “Confessions of a Congressman” on Vox this week. Honestly, nothing in the confessional really shocked me. After spending a decade on the Hill in the personal offices of […]

Takeaways from the Midterm Elections

Capital Landscape

Across the land, professional prognosticators, pundits, and street corner experts are opining on the effects and lessons of the 2014 election cycle. Being none of those I still feel compelled to add a few observations. There is no doubt the Republican victories were more complete than observers estimated so there is no use in rehashing […]

Ways Congress is Like my Son’s Cub Scout Troop


As I prepare to leave work at little early today (shhhh…don’t tell the boss) to help set up the Pinewood Derby Track at my son’s Cub Scout troop, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about how Congress is pretty much exactly like my son’s Cub Scout Troop. There is a leader, but nobody really […]

What 2014 Means for Public Policy

United State Capitol

With 2013 nearly in the record books, pundits, politicians and public policy professionals are looking ahead to decode the challenges and opportunities that 2014 will present.  This week, Stanton Communications dusts off its crystal ball to look at four issues that could shape the political landscape in the coming year: A return to regular order […]

Can the Partisan Dam be Broken in Washington?

Given the acrimonious attitude in Washington, D.C. these days it’s unexpected when anything bipartisan makes it past the gestation phase. The political process has devolved to the degree that we anticipate every big issue Congress tackles turning into a knockdown, drag-out partisan fight. The debates over health care and the debt ceiling have been hashed […]

Inaction in D.C. Opens Door for State-Based Public Affairs

As the Obama Administration muddles through its response to the “plus perfect” storm of crises that have converged, organizations interested in legislative action on key issues can only hang their heads knowing the path forward has gotten more difficult. The lack of legislative action and brinkmanship that defined Washington since the House of Representatives changed […]

The Old Rules on Crisis Don’t Apply

The Obama Administration found itself this week the subject of criticism unparalleled since it first came into office.  If a perfect storm is the confluence of three events, this was the combination of four controversies unfolding concurrently and all in different directions.  Perhaps we can call it a plus-perfect storm. While the White House talking […]

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