Give Me Liberty and Give Me Press

Today, anything we’ve ever wanted to know is right at our fingertips (quite literally). But with ultra-easy access comes the frequent circulation of misinformation and the rise in discourse on limiting freedom of speech. The freedom of the press is the First Amendment to the Constitution. Exercising free speech means having the right to publish […]

The Tradeoff of Google Analytics Alternatives

A week ago, Fast Company published an article titled “It’s Time to Ditch Google Analytics.” It was enough to deliver the fast click-through the headline was fishing for and all but stop my data-loving heart. But reporter Katharine Schwab does have a point. In a world that is post-GDPR, post-Facebook scandal world, and offers a […]

The Evolving Internet: What PR Pros Need to Know

Evolving Internet

Did you hear the news? We’ve reached the end of the Internet. Well, to be fair, we’ve reached the end of the old experimental Internet, which just so happens to be the same one that spawned not only enough AOL Online CD-ROMs to circle the Earth, but Amazon, Facebook, and nearly every other innovation in […]

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