The Power of Brands on Election Day

The Power of Brands on Election Day

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Election Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. On this rainy Tuesday, the Stanton team went out to exercise our right to vote and are celebrating by treating ourselves to leftover Halloween candy. The midterm elections are happening today, and we’ve pulled the top news for PR pros with a […]

A Closer Look at a Congressional Confessional

It’s not every day you get a confessional from a Member of Congress on the sorry state of American government. That’s why I was surprised to read “Confessions of a Congressman” on Vox this week. Honestly, nothing in the confessional really shocked me. After spending a decade on the Hill in the personal offices of […]

Takeaways from the Midterm Elections

Capital Landscape

Across the land, professional prognosticators, pundits, and street corner experts are opining on the effects and lessons of the 2014 election cycle. Being none of those I still feel compelled to add a few observations. There is no doubt the Republican victories were more complete than observers estimated so there is no use in rehashing […]

A Plea on Election Day

With the polls barely opened and voting just underway, I write this with absolutely no idea of how this election is going to turn out.  I cast my ballot already, one among the millions of early voters who decided they couldn’t wait until November 6th to record their choice for President of the United States.  And […]

Channeling Three Englishmen to Explain the 2010 Elections

As we look back at the 2010 election cycle to try and divine what the outcomes mean, we must pick our way through a maze of information that ultimately provides little concrete insight into what the next two years will offer.  In an effort to distinguish this re-cap from countless others and to help inform […]

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