Coronavirus & Amazon, TSA & Tik Tok, Jif & GIF, and More

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Thursday, Lunch Breakers. We only have a few more snowless days of February in the DMV before Punxsutawney Phil is vindicated for his early Spring prediction. In this week’s edition, we take a look at the Coronavirus’ effect on Amazon shopping habits, TSA running out the […]

4 Reasons to Love GIFs

Reasons to Love Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs got their start back in 1987, but they have come a long way since the dancing banana. Akin to its illustrative cousins—static graphics and video—the GIF allows you to harness the power of visuals. However, the GIF adds a bit of magic with its simplicity and flexibility across platforms. In fact, 33.6 percent […]

Twitter Gives the Gift of a GIF Button

Twitter's GIF Button

Two weeks ago, Twitter announced it was rolling out a GIF button specifically designed for its users. For all of us obsessed with social media, this was the greatest news that could have popped into our newsfeed. The GIF button sounds great, but what does it mean for us PR people? The first step is […]

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