What the New LinkedIn Profile Filters Say about Its Future

3 Hints at LinkedIn's Future

Last week, LinkedIn introduced new features to edit and modify profile pictures. Some of these were pretty standard, like the ability to clip a photo, and additional ways to give users more control over how their image presents from the profile page. But the feature getting the most buzz is the introduction of photo filters—a […]

Celebs Going Publicist Free, Ex-CEO Ads and More PR News

Lunch Break Feb. 28

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites It’s the Tuesday after the Oscars, and I’m starting a one-woman campaign for Shirley MacLaine to host next year’s ceremony. In this week’s PR news, LinkedIn spills on how it uses its own built-in marketing tools, an ex-CEO’s advises his former company via bus ad, and much […]

Q&A with Our PRNews Rising PR Star

Cara Greene PR News Rising Star

No matter the industry or size of the company, having top talent on your team can make all the difference. At Stanton Communications, we are proud to have some of the best and brightest PR professionals in the business, and this year we are doubly proud to recognize Account Manager Cara Greene as a PRNews 2015 Rising PR […]

4 Tips to Grow a Brand’s LinkedIn Platform

4 Tips to Grow a Brand’s LinkedIn Platform

So you have a LinkedIn profile for your company. Your employees connected with it, and so have some of your clients and other direct professional contacts. Great—but what now? How do you tap into LinkedIn’s vast network of over 332 million users to expand your company’s platform? Recently, the PR World Alliance launched its new […]

Unexpected Ways PR Pros Can Use LinkedIn’s Jobs Feature

LinkedIn jobs

Despite its numerous utilities having nothing to do with finding or filling a professional position, LinkedIn still remains in the minds of many a resource primarily for job seekers. With nearly 2 million active job listings and thousands of major corporations investing in the company’s Talent Solutions services to find and recruit top candidates, it’s […]

Spring Cleaning Your LinkedIn Presence

social media

We know the fundamentals of public relations such as writing, expression, creativity and integrity are still consistent today, even as the industry has evolved with the advent of new and social media. As referenced in last week’s Four on Friday post, these skills are the foundation for all successful public relations professionals. We also know […]

Top Takeaways from the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit

This week, Potomac Tech Wire and Capitol Communicator hosted the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit in Baltimore. The event drew more than 300 marketing and communications professionals to more than 15 keynotes and panel discussions about everything from advocacy to reputation management, with a heavy emphasis on digital. In listening to many of the sessions, and monitoring what […]

Reasons LinkedIn’s New Membership Rules Aren’t Ruining Childhood

Big changes are coming to LinkedIn when everyone returns to the office after Labor Day.  Starting September 12, the social network will expand to allow members as young as 14 to join in the United States, and as young as 13 in some countries in Europe. While some are balking at the change and cautioning […]

LinkedIn Axing Answers

LinkedIn announced today that it is retiring LinkedIn Answers, a feature that enabled users to ask questions and provide answers in a variety of topic areas. We frequently monitored and participated in the Q&A discussions.  We also regularly passed along relevant opportunities to our clients.  We felt the feature provided real value for professionals seeking […]

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