An Online Easter Egg Hunt, The Redskins Fumble, Navigating Uber’s Twists

Lunch Break: April 17

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites It’s already been an eventful week following the 121st Boston Marathon and the 139th White House Easter Egg Roll. If you didn’t make it to the Presidential lawn yourself, we have a rundown on a different kind of sweet features for you to hunt—online, that is. We’re […]

Redskins #Win

Redskins #Win

Connecting with customers. This simple statement encompasses our most basic goal as communicators when developing a marketing communications plan for a client. Every question we ask ourselves during the brainstorm seeks to find ways to enhance our clients’ connection with their customers. What messaging will  most influence our audience? How can we grab our audience’s […]

Tips for a Smooth Rebrand

Here in D.C., the Redskins are in crisis as they consider the recent negative associations of the team name and what to do about it. But a rebrand doesn’t have to be rocky. Do it right, and it can reinvigorate a company’s image and build positive momentum with your target audience. Here are four tips […]

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