4 Trends That Will Shape Your PR Strategy in 2019

4 Trends That Will Shape Your PR Strategy in 2019

The world of PR is constantly evolving. With new technology, AI and tools available, creatives will find new ways to generate compelling content, amplify their voices and build brand loyalty with their target audience. As we close out the year, there are four major trends to be aware of in 2019. Representation For an effective […]

Stand Out with Stronger Content

In today’s market, there’s a vast amount of content aimed at consumers, with each piece fighting for attention. This has created a world of “content clutter” and caused more difficulty for brands to create a meaningful connection between content and consumer. It’s important that brands have the ability to communicate their message to their target […]

4 Reasons to Love GIFs

Reasons to Love Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs got their start back in 1987, but they have come a long way since the dancing banana. Akin to its illustrative cousins—static graphics and video—the GIF allows you to harness the power of visuals. However, the GIF adds a bit of magic with its simplicity and flexibility across platforms. In fact, 33.6 percent […]

What the New LinkedIn Profile Filters Say about Its Future

3 Hints at LinkedIn's Future

Last week, LinkedIn introduced new features to edit and modify profile pictures. Some of these were pretty standard, like the ability to clip a photo, and additional ways to give users more control over how their image presents from the profile page. But the feature getting the most buzz is the introduction of photo filters—a […]

How to Use Visuals to Communicate the Complex

Communicating the Complex

On Monday, the AISTech show opens in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. AISTech is the steel industry’s largest annual trade show event attracting industry analysts, buyers and media from around the world. More than 8,000 attendees will travel the show floor during the four-day conference. Our client W. L. Gore & Associate’s Industrial Products Division is exhibiting a […]

Why Care About Good Design?

Sometimes, even as a designer, I overlook the importance of good design. It is a factor in almost every facet of life, even if we don’t realize it. Design is hidden in plain sight, guiding your decisions of what to eat, what books to read, car to buy…the list is infinite. That’s why in this […]

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