Three Strategies for Fall Content Marketing Success

Believe it or not, there is only one quarter remaining in this chaotic year. While others might be counting down the days until January 1, 2021, as a PR professional, it’s officially crunch time to deliver the best results for your outreach initiatives before the holiday rush begins. Here are a few helpful tips to get your very best results this fall—or any time.

Personalize Your Content 

With constant breaking news on the global COVID-19 pandemic and contentious upcoming election in the United States, your audiences are probably overwhelmed with information from their email inboxes to their social media feeds. So, how can you make sure your content stands out from the fray?

Personalization is the answer. Constantly and thoroughly research your target audience. Where do they live? What is their profession? What challenges do they face? What information is most important to them? What external channels do they frequent? Begin the answer these questions as specifically as possible. Next, tailor you content to their particular needs and interests to increase the value of your brand’s message and maximize your engagement rate. Once your target understands how your content directly impacts their lives, they will be more likely to interact with your campaign in a meaningful way.

To increase your email open rates, you can segment your content by demographic and include your target’s name in the subject line to grab their attention. Sharing your brand’s key messages on your audience’s most engaged social media platforms is also a way to earn a like, comment, share or click.

Keep the Time in Mind

Timing is key. You need not only be aware of how you present your messages; you also need to be strategic about when you distribute content. Understand the ever-changing current of the media landscape and developments that are relevant to your key demographic. With a significant portion of the country working from home due to the pandemic, the best times to send emails and post your social media content may have shifted.

Integrating your content with local, national or international awareness days can give your campaign a sense of urgency and newsworthiness, therefore, increasing your engagement rate.

Activate Your Industry Influencers

Who’s amplifying your message? Even with the best social media and email content, word of mouth can give your campaign a much-needed boost. Influencers can play an integral part in expanding your reach beyond your established audience.

Similar to the media outreach process, contact individuals with a broad reach in your industry and key demographics, and ask them to share your key messages with their networks. While in some cases you may incur an additional cost, consider the return on investment. An endorsement from a well-connected influencer might enhance the publicity of your content marketing efforts well beyond what you could achieve organically through your external channels.

Perseverance Pays Off

Promoting your content during unpredictable times can be challenging, however it is not impossible. Remember, you can always test new calls to action, images, email send times, and social media organic and paid ads; you can also adjust your content and strategies as necessary.

Your consumers need to view your brand as a valued resource in their professional or personal lives. This whirlwind year isn’t over, but applying these helpful strategies in your content will help you sail into the holiday months ready to celebrate your success.





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