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Washington Redskins Team Name Controversy

Although there has been public scrutiny for years regarding the racial insensitivity of the team name, the NFL’s Washington Redskins announced that its team nickname is officially under “thorough review” on Friday.

This announcement is a result of mounting pressure from public and corporate brands, like Target and Walmart, who have recently removed the team’s merchandise from online stores.  In addition, shareholders have threatened to end their partnerships – worth $620 billion, including Pepsi, FedEx and Nike – unless the team changes its name. According to sports and branding experts, selecting a new logo could take up to 18 months and the entire rebranding process would take at least two years to plan.

“The reality is, this is such a remarkable time,” said Maurice Suh, a sports lawyer at Gibson Dunn. “That the sport and the teams are recognizing the importance of making sure that the sports institutions in this country are recognizing and valuing everyone appropriately is a moment. I think unlike the issues that came up several years ago when there was a discussion about the Redskins changing their name, it’s a different time. It will not be a big or complex step for most fans.” 

Inclusion in Marketing Taking Action

In the wake of the racial issues in the United States, many brands have issued statements regarding their support of racial equality and justice, however, some consumers say companies need to do more.

Forbes advises companies to use more inclusive imagery and language, include a wide variety of design colorsand partner with diverse influencers and agencies to show they are truly committed to equity and equality for all.  

TikTok Leaves Hong Kong Market, Faces Possible US Ban

TikTok has announced it will stop operations in the Hong Kong market due to China implementing a national security law.  They will be joining other platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google and Telegram making significant changes due to the new law.

While this decision along with the recent hiring of former Disney executive Kevin Mayer as CEO, was implemented to win over Washington lawmakers who have expressed national security concerns about the app; it might not be enough.

On Monday, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the United States was considering banning TikTok, among other Chinese social media apps.

TikTok — which is owned by Beijing-based startup ByteDance — has been repeatedly criticized by US politicians who accused the short-form video app of being a threat to national security because of its ties to China. They allege that the company could be compelled to “support and cooperate with intelligence work controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Stop Medical Distancing Ad Campaign

Health-care organizations including Walgreens Boots Alliance and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have partnered to launch an ad campaign encouraging patients to visit their physicians and keep their routine medical appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Stop Medical Distancing” campaign, launched through social media, print and TV channels, was developed to reduce the number of people cancelling check-ups, screenings, vaccinations and other critical health needs due to fear of contracting the virus during their visit.

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