Why Television Interviews Still Matter

You may have heard the argument that “TV is dead,” which is a common misconception due to the ever-growing popularity of streaming platforms. Just this week in fact, Apple announced their own streaming venture and original content with the upcoming launch of Apple TV+.

However, broadcast television still holds a prominent place within the media landscape. Receiving exposure still proves to be a significant tool for brands and their thought leaders. There is a reason why successful experts and business heavyweights like Gary Vaynerchuk, Bethany Frankel and even HGTV’s breakout star, Joanna Gaines, still book TV interview appearances.

That’s why it’s important for you to be doing the same for your clients. Here are just a few reasons why television interviews still matter:

Numbers and Ratings Don’t Lie

Why are brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, and McDonald’s still investing and actively booking their experts on mainstream television? That is because the numbers don’t lie. According to a Nielson report, Americans aged 18-34 watched a weekly average of over 14 hours of traditional television, which amounts to 56 hours per week.

The Ultimate Stamp of Approval

TV producers only have one goal in mind and that is to provide their viewers with substance and information, which gives interviewees a ton of clout. A producer does not book anyone on-air unless they’re offering useful insight, tips or services that will greatly enhance the viewer’s experience. That fact alone shows you’re an expert in high-demand.

Building Relationships will Never Go Out of Style

As the media landscape continues to change, so do its players. Being known as a reliable on-camera resource and building friendships in the TV world can certainly lend to future opportunities. And hey, you never know, former local anchors can turn into television titans, just ask Oprah.

With any media relations strategy, the goal is to always engage with targeted audiences and build your portfolio as a thought leader in your industry. [bctt tweet=”Television is still a force to be reckoned with, both nationally and locally. Don’t rule out the power of TV!” username=””]

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