Women’s History Month: Pride In PR

As a majority female firm in an industry that is dominated by women, we can’t miss the chance to recognize and celebrate today as International Women’s Day and March as Women’s History Month. We especially can’t forget that behind many great public relations campaigns are great communicators who are women.

Although this is cause for celebration, we recognize that there’s a long road ahead to reaching gender equality. According to research published by the Women’s Media Center, the status of women in the U.S. media as of 2019 shows that men remain dominant across various areas in the industry including news, sports, entertainment  and digital. Even with public relations as an industry dominated by women, men hold 70 percent of the top positions across the U.S. Women also represent two-thirds of the public relations industry worldwide, yet 78 percent of the CEOs in the top 30 agencies are men, according to a 2017 study published by the Women in PR. The gender gap in pay has improved, but we’re still not there yet.

Efforts for gender equality require all hands on deck. That’s why we’ve included below a few ways public relations professionals can help support the cause.

Engage in the Conversation

It’s the era of #Metoo, consumers care how corporations are contributing to the cause. Brands like Gillette recognize how important it is to join the conversation through campaigns and engage audiences through social media. Agencies are trying to combat sexual harassment in advertising, recognizing the need to change approaches to messaging.

During this month, take a moment to find those brands and participate in the conversation.

Celebrate Girl-Power With Content

Staying up to date with women’s issues can help you incorporate messages of empowerment into your own client campaigns. Whether you’re writing for your company or client’s website, or pitching ideas to top tier publications, think about creative ways to incorporate girl-power into your content. Consider your company and client’s messaging and make a case on the importance of addressing women’s issues or reaching women audiences.

Celebrate the Women You Work With

In the combat for gender equality, it’s important to remember that we can improve on the little things in our daily lives that empower women. Start by recognizing your own strengths, because you have value to add to your PR team, whether it’s strong writing skills, social media savvy, strong interpersonal communication and the like. Don’t be afraid to offer positive feedback to your fellow female coworkers and always offer support. The growth of an individual means the growth of the team, and small gestures go a long way.

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