World Social Media Day, Big Businesses Join Social Media Ad Boycott, Viral TikTok Hacks, And More

It’s the last day of June and World Social Media Day, so this week’s Lunch Break is extra special. We’re highlighting our favorite social media stories from the last week to celebrate the huge change social media has brought to the communications landscape.

Brands Boycott Social Media Ads

Perhaps the biggest social media story is the immediate halt on advertising that brands are choosing to take to curb online hate and extremism. The #StopHateforProfit Campaign, started by the NAACP, Color of Change, the Anti-Defamation League, and other civil rights groups, is asking brands to pause all advertising on Facebook for July. The pledge has quickly spread across businesses and social media platforms, with one in three top brands halting ad spends on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube according to Bloomberg. Top tier companies, like Starbucks and Pepsi, have pledged to stop spending on Facebook, sending the social media giant’s shares down 8% last Friday.

Facebook to Prioritize Original Reporting

Speaking of Facebook, the social media platform announced an algorithm change to prioritize original reporting. As AdWeek reports from a Facebook blog post, stories in its News Feed feature will now analyze articles on a given topic and boost the ones cited most often as the original source. Also worth noting is that stories without a byline or information about the publisher’s editorial staff, which promotes credibility, will be demoted. With pressure building on social media platforms to promote quality journalism, tech companies are making changes to fight misinformation.

Which Viral TikTok Food Hacks Actually Work?

Buzzfeed did all the hard work for us, testing out 11 different viral TikTok food and drink hacks to see which COVID culinary trends are actually worth the effort. We’ve already saved the Copycat McDonalds’ McNuggets, One-Pan Breakfast Sandwich, and Frozen Raspberry Vodka Lemonade (Fourth of July is this weekend after all). As it turns out, the pancake cereal craze we mentioned in May is great for the photo, but not so much for a satisfying breakfast.

Social Media Moves to Boost Your Business

It’s impossible to avoid social media as part of your marketing strategy. But making the right moves are critical to ensuring success in the ever-changing media landscape. Forbes recently shared insight from members of their Young Entrepreneur Council on the smartest social media moves they’ve seen. Consider using some of these strategies – hosting contests, providing great customer support, and going behind the scenes – as you develop your next social media plan. And always keep in mind the importance of being authentic when building a voice on social media.

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