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The Strategy Room

Month: February 2019

Nike’s Shoe Snafu, “The Best Brand Partnership Ever,” Rethinking Hashtags and more

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! We’re roaring in the office with The Lion King’s new trailer that dropped during the Oscars. Talk about nostalgia. July 19th can’t arrive soon enough.  In this week’s edition, we have PR pros’ reactions to the Nike-Zion Williamson shoe malfunction, the greatness of […]

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Girl Scouts, Amazon’s V-Day Breakup, Instagram Updates and More

Happy snow day, Lunch Breakers – at least in our neck of the woods. When we aren’t tucked away from the cold, we are dodging Girl Scout cookie sales at all of the metro stops. But we’re not fooled by their lack of years in life experience, because these young entrepreneurs can’t be stopped. In […]

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Meet Melissa: Why Hospitality is Key to Hosting an Influencer

Growing up in an off-the-boat Sicilian household was my first ever lesson in the importance of hospitality and how to authentically execute it. Nothing would prepare me for my future career more than when family would visit America from the old country. I would watch as my parents and grandparents meticulously plan food menus, activities […]

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The Tradeoff of Google Analytics Alternatives

A week ago, Fast Company published an article titled “It’s Time to Ditch Google Analytics.” It was enough to deliver the fast click-through the headline was fishing for and all but stop my data-loving heart. But reporter Katharine Schwab does have a point. In a world that is post-GDPR, post-Facebook scandal world, and offers a […]

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Super Bowl Commercials, Crisis Response, Analytics And More

QUICK PR READS YOU CAN TACKLE BETWEEN BITES Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! We hope you’ve recovered from watching what might go down as the most boring Super Bowl in history, where the most exciting part of your shindig was probably the buffalo chicken dip, rather than the commercials or the actual game. Author’s note: I’m […]

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