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The Strategy Room

Author: Peter V. Stanton

An Evening of Politics and Parody for a Good Cause

Working at the annual Al Smith Dinner is a little like being a guest of the fanciest and nicest family you’ll ever get to visit. The atmosphere is warm, the surroundings elegant, and the dress code over the top. Even the most devoted frump reveals an inner Carey Grant or Audrey Hepburn that is rarely […]

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Irma: A Reminder of the Power of Compassion for Communicators

I own a home in Florida near Sarasota.  The eye of Hurricane Irma passed right through Sarasota and within a mile or so of my home. I was not there, and most of my neighbors fled to higher ground before Irma came to visit. To my great surprise, a few “intrepid” souls in our community […]

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Finding Space for Meaningful Conversation with Customers in a Crisis

We live in an era when the loudest voice seems to be the highest priority. Turn on cable news. A panel “discusses” the issues of the day. Try this. While the broadcast airs, close your eyes and just listen. In far too many instances, panelists are talking over each other, voices are raised and there […]

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The Summer of Strategy: Tying Tactics to Business Objectives

Summer is a wonderful time to make yourself crazy. Of course, that is not entirely serious, but the slower months before the sprint to year-end are indeed the best months to work on communication strategy—for the balance of the year and beyond.  And strategy can make people nuts, since it is never an easy process. […]

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The Erie Canal Bicentennial: A Uniquely American Celebration

Supporting New York Power Authority and NYS Canal Corporation This year, America celebrates a bicentennial known perhaps only to a relative few in this country. That is likely to change soon and for the good since this occasion marks an achievement representing genuinely American qualities of courage, innovation and perseverance. If properly considered and understood, […]

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What’s so Funny ‘Bout Peace Love and Understanding?

Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shake hands at the 71st Al Smith Dinner

  Elvis Costello was not thinking of the Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner when he wrote those words, but they apply to the 71st edition of the event which occurred last week in New York. Stanton Communications was privileged to support the Foundation and the Archdiocese of New York with media arrangements and logistics. From […]

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As Britain Changes Course, Communicators Should Stay Theirs

Global PR and Brexit

On a recent business trip to London I had the opportunity to meet with several PR agency leaders and hear their strong opinions about the potential risks and benefits of Brexit. That was prior to the vote that resulted in the decision that Britain would leave the European Union. Now the question becomes what the […]

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A Bulletin from Berlin

March 10, 2009 Berlin Wall

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, a barrier that separated people, families and, in fact, a nation ceased to exist. Recently, in the area that was formerly no man’s land, a meeting occurred in a luxury hotel standing squarely inside what before 1989 was the kill zone for anyone trying to flee from East […]

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Pope Francis Said “Collaborate”… and We Did

Pope Francis Arrives at St. Patrick's

The recent visit of Pope Francis to the United States was historic on many levels. Even now, weeks after he returned to Rome, the images of his encounters in Washington, New York and Philadelphia remain vivid and moving. Few will forget his silent prayer and humble bow before the South Pool at the 9/11 Memorial […]

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One Big Step to the Side

Peter Stanton CEO

Stanton Communications made a singular change this month, one that is unprecedented in our quarter century history. We replaced our president — me. While changes in executive ranks occur with great frequency in major corporations, the opposite is true in smaller businesses where founders tenaciously hang on. Noam Wasserman of Harvard Business School writes that […]

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