Roundup: The Best of The Strategy Room 2017

Best of 2017: Stanton Blog

Best of 2017: Stanton Blog

It has been a big year for the Stanton team.  Here in the Strategy Room, we launched a new weekly segment, Lunch Break, to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest news of the communications industry.

Beyond the blog, the team relocated to new offices, brought on a number of new faces, and enjoyed growth—something we expect to continue into the new year.

Along the way, shared our insights in weekly feature posts here in the Strategy Room and through the INK newsletter. (Not a subscriber? Join here and never miss a post!)

Before we forge ahead with even more in 2018, a pause to look back at the ones that were most popular this year. Here are the Strategy Rooms five most-read posts of 2017:

1. Changing the Way WeWork

Stanton started off 2017 by breaking down barriers. Literally.

With a relocation of our D.C. headquarters to an open office space in WeWork Dupont, we moved to an environment that better reflects and enables the natural collaboration, creativity and agility of our team. Similar arrangements were made for our offices in New York and Baltimore.

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2. Pitching a Story Cold? Try Changing the Subject (Line)

The battle for reporters’ attention is never ending. To make a story stand out, we’re always seeking fresh ways to show the compelling stories behind our client’s latest announcements. This post explores what happens when you take individualized outreach to the extreme.

Spoiler alert: It gets results.

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3. Meet the Dogs of Stanton Communications

We can’t resist Internet puppies any more than the rest of you, so for National Take Your Dog To Work Day, we shared the furry members of our own behind-the-scenes support team. Meet our dogs!

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4. 3 Key Ingredients to Whip Up PR Success

As former television reporter Adam Yosim joined the Stanton team and tried his hand at the public relations side, he discovered surprising lessons from how his passion for food helped him find his footing. Much like cooking, it’s all about starting with the right ingredients.

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5. College Students: Invaluable Assets for Your Focus Group

As a college student in a professional setting, intern (now account coordinator) Mary Cobb expounded on the merits her classmates had to offer the communications industry as eager focus group participants.

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Ready to Elevate Your PR Strategy?

Reach out now and let Stanton Communications be the driving force behind your next PR success story.

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