Women’s History Month: Pride In PR

As a majority female firm in an industry that is dominated by women, we can’t miss the chance to recognize and celebrate today as International Women’s Day and March as Women’s History Month. We especially can’t forget that behind many great public relations campaigns are great communicators who are women. Although this is cause for […]

Happy Fourth, King James Big Move, and an Instagram Update

Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! As the city quiets down and people are headed out of town for the Fourth of July, we’ve rounded up some must-know PR news before you hit the road. In this week’s edition, we’re covering brand reactions to Lebron’s Lakers decision, a festive Fourth of July campaign and Instagram’s new IGTV […]

The Best (Un)Believable Marketing on April Fools’ Day

Admit it. You’ve been “had” at some point today. I have a few friends who already signed off Facebook for the rest of April 1st in an attempt to escape any tomfoolery. In that case, they better also avoid email, Twitter, YouTube, or the World Wide Web altogether. However, it may be worth the hoax. […]

Three Lessons for Back to School Campaigns

When you logged onto Facebook today, chances are your news feed resembled a JCPenney Back-to-School ad: your friends’ kids modeling fresh outfits, sporting backpacks, and flaunting – or forcing – smiles. Back-to-school may be all the hype for consumers right now, but marketers, particularly those in the retail and CPG industries, have been planning for […]

The X Factor of The X Factor

You may have seen commercials or perhaps a national headline about the latest rendition of the popular U.K. talent competition, The X Factor. Come fall, the next big U.K.-turned-U.S.-smash-hit-from-a-guy-named-Simon will air on FOX, and the sights of ambitious singers are set as high as the anticipated ratings. But what’s the real driving force behind the […]

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